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Providing fun driving experiences for children in:



High Wycombe

Amersham & Chesham





Princes Risborough




West London



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Please have a look at the About Us page to find out where we are over the next few months. Please come along and see us in action and for a chat.

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Safety on the track is paramount. It is essential
that all drivers understand and follow the rules below:

1. The cars are not bumper cars. We reserve the right to stop any child from driving if they are crashing the cars on purpose and they will notbe allowed to drive again 

2. Shoes must be worn by all drivers – including adults

3.Ifthe track marshal believes that a child is purposefully driving dangerously they will be asked to stop driving and will not be allowed to drive again

4.The drivers may not get in to or out ofthe cars until they are instructed to do so by one of the track marshals

5. All rear seat drivers must sit on the rear seat, not the rear spoiler

6.If a child is having difficulties driving their car the track marshal will get on with young driver and assist them until they are able to drive themselves